Aftercare information

Following these hints and tips will keep your fishspy in top condition and ready for your next fishing adventure

Rinse off any sand or grit especially taking care around the locking nut and silicone ring area.

Please ensure that the silicone 'O-ring' seal inside the locking nut should not be tampered with and never under any circumstances be removed.

Clean the lens cover with a non-abrasive cloth such as glasses cleaner, make sure that this cloth is clean and dirt free, otherwise you risk scratching your lens.

Should you get water penetration into the capped area, please leave to air dry do not expose to over temperatures of over 50 degrees centigrade, do not charge or plug the usb cable into your Fishspy until its completely dry.

Store only when completely dry, ensuring that any excess water is removed.

Completely discharging the FishSpy battery before recharge is good practice and will not only improve battery performance when using the Fishspy, it will also increase the overall length of the batteries life.

Your FishSpy has been designed to absorb the impact of casting into water, please take care not to drop or cast your Fishspy into hard objects such as rocks or trees, your warranty does not cover damage of this nature.