About FishSpy

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Total Fishing Gear has a long track record of developing innovative fishing tackle

Two years ago, our product development team set about designing a camera specifically for fishing. The camera had to help the angler find the perfect fishing spots, understand more about the way fish react and interact with their bait and enable them share their fishing experiences from the fish's point of view. Other cameras were out there that did some of this but our team insisted on two unique features. The camera had to deliver live video to the angler and be so discrete as to not interfer with the fishing itself.

The camera had to have a long battery life, work in low light conditions, be part of the tackle rather than an additional item and most of all it should be affordable.

FishSpy is a true first in the market and helps you do all this and more, designed by fishermen for fishermen FishSpy makes fishing more rewarding and exciting and with live video streamed to your mobile device it definitely helps you catch more fish.

FishSpy - See what you are missing!

FishSpy is a revolutionary new underwater camera from Total Fishing Gear (Part of the BVG Airflo Group of companies)